I Don’t Know Where You Are In life Or How Close You Are To Your Sales Goals But Have You Ever Noticed How Most Selling Professionals Never Hit Their Goals And They Never Make Over $100,000 A Year?

MILLIONS of sales professionals just like you have the best of intentions and they work as hard as they can, but this still isn’t enough, they fall short of their sales goals year after year.


Plain and simple, despite all their hard work and best efforts, they fail because have never been taught the neuro science and brain psychology that produces top selling results and peak performance.

As you’re about to discover, you have been mislead: 99% of sales training programs are marginally effective, if even that, and motivation simply doesn’t work. If this were not true, then every selling professional would hit their goals and live happily ever after, but this just isn’t the case.

This is the first thing you must understand: Unless you’re selling in the way the brain is wired to buy, and unless you’re managing your performance in the way your brain is designed to perform, you’re going to keep falling short of your goals year after year. Again, this is why over 90% of selling professionals never make over $100,000 a year.

The truth is this, it’s not your fault. Most people know little to nothing about how the brain works and how it decides to buy or not. To prove this, I have two question for you. 1) Do you know exactly how people subconsciously buy, and do you know how to permanently change your subconscious thinking?

If you can answer yes to both of these questions, I probably can’t help you. If your answer is no, then I’m going to completely change what you think about selling, how you do it and the results that you get.

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Are You Ready For Serious, Legitimate, Income Boosting Sales Training That Really Works, Based On Sound Psychological, Behavioral, And Scientific Principles?

I Want To Give You Every Assurance That These Techniques, And This Program Isn’t Some Wide-Eyed Theory…These Are Proven Methods That Work For Just About ANYONE! And I’ll Prove It To You Right Now…

And Chris’ life isn’t the only life that has been completely changed thanks to the “brain-based” approach of the subconscious selling techniques that I will teach you…

Real Stories Of Success From Ordinary People Who Use Strategies And Techniques They Learned From Jim Fortin at The Sales Psychology Academy…

Shama Hyder

” Jim is the #1 Persuasion and Influence expert in the B2B field. His years of experience and high integrity make him the perfect trainer, speaker, and consultant. The skills he teaches are extraordinarily results oriented.”

Shama Hyder
Founder and CEO of The Marketing Zen Group.
Best Selling Author. Keynote Speaker. Forbes ” 30 Under 30 “

” During a rather lengthy contract negotiation I applied two strategies that I learned from Jim. The result…a $4,000,000 account with a national airline. Jim’s material WORKS! “

Kevin Whiteman
Director of Business Development,
National Global Accounts, OfficeMax Integrated Solutions

Kevin Whiteman
Kevin Whiteman

” During a rather lengthy contract negotiation I applied two strategies that I learned from Jim. The result…a $4,000,000 account with a national airline. Jim’s material WORKS! “

Kevin Whiteman
Director of Business Development,
National Global Accounts, OfficeMax Integrated Solutions

Brandon Lucero

” Jim taught me techniques that immediately doubled my sales and increased my upsell rate by 60%. “

Brandon Lucero
#1 ranked video ranking expert in world.

” Just one technique I learned from Jim closed a multi million dollar listing for me. “

Jayne Parsons
Owner, The Parsons Team

Jayne Parsons
Howard Berg

” Jim showed me a single closing technique that increased my front of the room sales by $16,000. “

Howard Berg
Guinness Book Of World Records. World’s Fastest Reader

” I’ve taken my fair share of sales training, and Jim’s training blows it all away! He’s masterfully integrated language skills, hypnosis (yes hypnosis) and psychology to create a new sales technology.”

John Chevalier
Senior Principal Leader, Data Flow Media System, MFX Global, Inc.

John Chevalier
Bobby Chandiramani

” NeuroPersuasion® WORKS! Jim’s sales techniques are fast, easy to learn, and extremely effective. Anyone in sales who doesn’t have this training is leaving 70% of their income on the table!”

Bobby Chandiramani
Chief Sales Director for Schandra’s

” My sales have increased by 50% in just two months since using Jim’s program Zero Effort Selling. I went from closing about 35 deals a month to 70! Learn from him!”

Christopher Michael
Mortgage Dreams

Christopher Michael
Edgar Valenzuela

” I have been in the telecom industry for 15 years and have received some of the best sales training in the world, but what I have learned from Jim’s courses and trainings far exceed anything that I have ever experienced.”

Edgar Valenzuela
Business Account Executive, Verizon Wireless

Science has completely changed what we know about how people buy, yet most people and companies have changed absolutely nothing about their approach to sales and marketing, and they then wonder why their sales are flat or stagnant.

Truth be told, most companies (of all sizes and industries) are working on a completely broken, ineffective and backwards sales model. To put it simply, world recognized research has conclusively demonstrated that up to 95% of all buying decisions are unconsciously made.

And, what this means to you is that if you don’t know how to subconsciously persuade and influence your prospects, you’re “throwing darts” and flat out losing sales and leaving commissions on the table. This is not marketing hyperbole, it’s not opinion, it’s now scientific fact!

Instead of continuing to spin your wheels or going to seminar after seminar and spending thousands learning from them, isn’t it time you learned from someone who can offer you a brand new and scientifically proven way to close more business and make more money?

You Don’t Have To Be A Superstar TODAY To Become A Superstar Tomorrow

You might already know that I coach and train some of the highest earning selling professionals in the country. I know what it takes to get you from where you are to where you want to go, and if you’re serious about increasing your sales, I’m going to immediately start transforming the way you sell and the results you get.

“ The truth is this, it doesn’t matter where you are today.

All you need to do is let me show you my highly sought after, “brain-based” approach to selling and performance. And then reap the results.

Jim Fortin
Sales Psychology Academy

Jim Fortin



  • Going from average results to top production and income in your company or business
  • A 20%-50% increase in yearly commissions year over year
  • Easier and more comfortable sales presentations that allow YOU to be YOU and STILL close deals
  • More confidence with prospects and buyers so that you can start enjoying work again instead of living life full of fear and worry about hitting your goals
  • More referrals from prospects and clients as you touch deep within their brains to establish instant trust and long term working relationships FAST
  • Easier and shorter selling cycles as you see how easy it is to control communication, atmosphere, and eventually the sale
  • Knowing exactly what to say to your clients to get them to buy (in writing, email, online, in video, in person and in presentations) without having to become a board certified copywriting PhD
  • And much, much more…

Let me make this happen for you. Right NOW!

If You Only Knew How To Close Business Like These Six Top Earning Selling Professionals…

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At Sales Psychology Academy, I will teach YOU how to START SELLING TO YOUR PROSPECTS in the way that they naturally and easily buy – unconsciously. And the best part, my methodologies are scientifically and field proven. I have lists longer than my arm of clients who have seen MASSIVE increases in their financial and personal lives because of this simple, “brain-based” system of selling.

With the Sales Psychology Academy you’ll learn a brand new, brain based approach to selling and performance – NeuroPersuasion® – that will help you make this year your best ever. And, the best part is that all of this is coming from someone who really cares about seeing you succeed – and has the results to prove it.

I will show you how to become more influential and ethically persuasive with your prospects… so that you can go out and become a highly-paid selling professional THIS YEAR! In other words, I’m going to show you to put your production on steroids. (Even if you’ve not been a big producer in the past.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to selling, been at it for awhile and looking to do better or you’re a seasoned pro. No matter your current position, you’ll benefit from this program in ways you can only dream about right now.

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  • A completely brand new, brain based, psychological and more effective approach to sales, marketing, peak performance and self-management.
  • How to stop selling and how to start leading your prospects from no to yes – with zero effort.
  • How to create instant trust and likability.
  • How to eliminate any objection at its core
  • Over fifty different language techniques to unconsciously influence prospects
  • The difference between “how” people buy and “why” they buy
  • How to control your clients
  • How selling “features and benefits” is costing you lost commissions
  • What persuasion and influence are and why you MUST master them to sell more
  • How your prospects subconsciously make decisions about you and your company
  • How up to 95% of all buying decisions are subconsciously pre determined, and how to easily influence an outcome
  • The two words you can use to unconsciously stimulate your prospect’s desire to buy
  • What resistance is and why you must eliminate it before you can effectively sell
  • How to sell to your client’s deepest subconscious “brain triggers.”
  • How to control your prospect’s thoughts and actions in the selling process
  • How to crack open your prospect’s unconscious buying strategy
  • What social influences subconsciously trigger buying behavior
  • Exactly what to say to link you and your company to your prospect’s deepest wants
  • Exactly what to say in any selling situation to take your prospect from no to yes
  • How to stop self-sabotaging behaviors, negative self-talk and how to literally reprogram yourself to consistently perform at higher levels

And much, much more. Candidly, you’ll discover that I’ll completely transform the way you think and do sales, and I’ll help you take you to the next level of sales and performance.

And How Are You Going To Learn All This? Easy…

Make no mistake about it, Sales Psychology Academy is a world class online learning environment. You can scour the internet and you’ll discover that there is nothing like this site anywhere on the internet.

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I charge my private clients $500 an hour, I charge $10,000 a day to train and I’m used to working with top achieving sales pros. I’m only interested in helping those who are serious about increasing their sales and those who are willing to invest a few dollars and a little time each month into sharpening their skill set.

If you’re not really serious about taking your entire sales performance to the next level then go ahead and click off this page, the Sales Psychology Academy is not a fit for you.

If on the other hand, you’re ready to learn a brand new, proven and cutting-edgeapproach to sales and performance, then keep reading and take action.


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A current member said the training saved a $4,000,000 national account; an account he nearly lost before he discovered my training.

Another said learning how to create instant rapport landed her a multi-million dollar real estate listing.

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So what’s it worth to have me PERSONALLY TRAIN YOU on how to double or even triple your sales?

What would you pay to learn how to eliminate ANY objection, or to learn how to create immediate and instant likability and trust or to know exactly what you need to say to your prospect to get them to buy?

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