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Jim Fortin

At this point I’d leave a final message in a few days, the best thing is to say this, “John, when we talked in Chicago you said you were interested in _____________, however, I’ve not heard back. Has anything changed in your level of interest? If not, give me a ring, if so, I’m here when you’re finally ready to __________. “Also, when you are collecting information are you telling them you will call them and to expect your call? I’d say, “Janet, because you said you’re interested in (losing weight) I’m going to get a call between us on my calendar next week when I get home. If you’re really not interested, that’s OK, let me know and I won’t call, but if you are, will you agree to quick 10 minutes on the phone next week? On that call I’ll share with you how you can ________ (pique their curiosity). Great, I’ll call you on ___________, my number is 555-5555, look for my call. If anything changes in your level of interest, would you let me know so that I don’t bother you with my call?”