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I usually ask if they have heard of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. If they say no, I tell them we have nutrition products that help with weight loss, energy, fitness, and it’s all good for you! (I try to lead with what it looks like they might be interested in- if they are overweight I lead with weight loss, if they look very healthy I lead with fitness, if they act tired, I lead with energy. But I always include all three because you never know what they are actually looking for, I can only tell what I see, and that might be very different from their desires. If they seem like a possible promoter I throw in: it’s also a great way to make some extra money!) Then if they seem interested I give them a neuro & business card (I’ve made labels from clear address labels with my email & phone & visalus web site, that I put on each neuro packet so they’ll have my contact info even if they misplace the business card I give them). I show them the back of the card & tell them they can go to my website to find out more about the products, and call that phone number to listen to a recorded message about them. I try to go ahead and get their name and phone number if they express interest, and call them back. I do pretty well up to that point. Then I run into the same problem: getting them to actually come to a challenge party or let me do a 1 on 1 so they can taste the shake. Guess that’s where my big hole is, lol. :)