Jim Fortin

Hey Kerry, great question. You said a lot, and that’s fine. Let’s keep this simple. First, be careful of spreading yourself too thin. Also, I firmly believe that if you try to focus on too many things, they nothing gets done. My suggestion is to take an evaluation of what skills you need to develop. Then, I’d prioritize them. For example, when men lift weights, the advised thing to do is to start with the larger muscles first. Same thing in business production. Start with the behaviors that are going to return the biggest bang. So, think about what skills you need to further sharpen to grow your business and then rank them. Now, tackle the skill that’s going to give you the biggest value in your business. The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is that they over think things. Keep it SIMPLE! 1) Survey needs. 2) Prioritize skill ROI. 3) Start working on developing the skill. Then, when you see results, go to the next skill. Make sense? PS – About the entering cold market question. Remember it and we’ll take about it on the next call. Thanks for your question!