Jim Fortin

Janelle, thanks for your comment. I’ve heard this before, that is, people let disappointment take the wind out of their sails. That’s VERY COMMON and also a weak postion to put ourselves in. So, you’re not alone, actually, you’re in the majority. The reason we get disappointed is because we have “expectations” as to how things are “supposed” to happen. It’s easier said than done but when we let go of expectation, it’s easy to get things done because we don’t have the emotional anchors to the end result. I’ve found that it we just set a positive outcome, act and do our best, that’s all we can do. We can’t control the outcome. Honestly, your comment is interesting because it pertains to this week’s video, and that’s about being “needy.” I’m NOT saying you’re being needy but when people are needy in a sell, they generally lose it. So, it’s just life, let go of the outcome. Just act decisively and then it’s like the old saying, “Once the arrow is released from the bow, it must follow its course.” You can’t control the arrow once it has been released. The same in sells, you can’t control others against their wishes, best interest, etc. Just do what you do with positive intent and leave the rest to the universe and move on.

OK, about pain, glad you mentioned it. You’ve heard me talk about hypnosis. LOOK INTO IT. According to Stanford, the #1 use of hypnosis is pain elimination and alleviation. I’ve had many clients rave about the effect that hypnosis has had on eliminating their pain. I use audios from hypnosisdownloads.com Fortunately, I have no health issues, but I have an entirely library of their audios and they work very well for me. Trust me, you DO NOT have to live with pain, it’s quite literally mind over matter.

Thanks for your great comments! Jim