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Well, this is a tough one for me to answer. I used to get off track all the time, but since I discovered Mind Authority Network, it is much less often. :) Your material has helped me so much! The 30 Day Challenge and the Zero Effort Performance have made tremendous progress in teaching me to control my Hyde. However, I still find myself getting off track sometimes, and I notice that those times always involve emotional responses. For instance, when I suffer severe disappointments, or things that really hurt my feelings, I suddenly catch myself spending too much time working through the emotional fallout from those things. That has *really* improved in the last 2 months, since I joined this network though. I do a great job of perpetuating positive self talk throughout my day, I even carry a list of my “I already am’s” that I go over several times during the day, so that is a major help! In fact, that list has kept me from spiraling into total discouragement when I’ve taken some heavy hits over the last few months. :) I suffer from chronic pain issues, and I also notice that when my pain is greater and my energy levels are consequently lower, I sometimes get derailed from what I ought to be doing. However, by using the positive self talk, I am able to prevent those times from leading to times of feeling like a failure, which is what used to happen (and then that would slow me down even more). So over all I have to say that using a combination of the Visalus products to keep my energy levels up and the techniques and habits I’m learning from you, my life has totally changed. I am so much more productive than I used to be, and am accomplishing things I never could have a year ago. I still get disappointed that I can’t always function at the same level I wish I could, and that I know is expected of me in order to succeed in my business, but I am now content that I am making good decisions and doing my best. :)