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    My question is using these in a short ad. One company i am writing ads for is a painting company.
    Example: Headline: Trying others out: 20 percent off (that’s what they gave me to put) Have the embarrassed line in the headline, what does your dream home look like?

    Embarrassed of your home during the holidays?

    Want to make all your friends and neighbors jealous?

    Our paint jobs are GUARANTEED to make your DREAMS come true!

    My real question is using the language pattern in short situation. (is there more then 17)
    The ones I thought would work best: The fact you are reading this means you are serious about making your dream home a reality,
    Others: you may not know if xyz company can make your dreams come true until you sit down with us and go over your dream home.

    I am curious how to incorporate this into the ad. From what i’ve learned pain is first. ( i could do that in the headline or the first line) then a language pattern sentence. Just curious if i am on the correct track or if there is material on this. I took your lesson from a pod cast and made a yellow frame around the photos to catch peoples attention.

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