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    Hi Jim,
    I joined your program today and I’m very excited to get started. I have 2 questions. First, is there an app I can use on my phone for this? I want to listen to the audios while I’m walking and exercising in the morning. I don’t want to be tied to the computer at my desk. Is there an app that would make it easy to access the library? Or perhaps I’ll have to use Safari on my iphone?
    Secondly, you talk about increasing my sales. Well what if I don’t even have any yet? I was a corporate worker for 27 years and I’ve now been on my own for 4 years working to build my business. I was coaching for the first 2 years but not making any money so I started my own training business. I’m an excellent leadership trainer. I have been partnering with other training companies who have given me some leadership training gigs but it’s not enough and I want to attract my own clients. I can’t get myself to make cold calls and I’ve been networking like crazy but not getting to the right people who can hire me. Will this program help me to retrain my brain to change my identity to being a sales person when I’ve never seen myself as doing well with that? I had a huge, I mean BIG, awakening while listening to your interview with James Wedmore. It’s about commitment. I won’t go into it now but I’ve been working to BE that which I want to manifest. A successful business owner with lots of abundance. Thanks, Maureen

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